Whether it’s a broken or damaged appliance, you need a reliable appliance repair service provider who understands your various needs. Houston Appliance Repair Company is an appliance repair company that can come to your rescue whenever your appliance stops working or gets broken. Having identified the needs and challenges facing the residents of Houston, Texas, and neighboring areas, we established a reliable appliance repair service provider that knows what it takes to repair different appliances. We have been around for many years helping our customers repair their appliances, so we understand our local customers’ needs, enabling us to gain huge trust. Being a local company situated in different areas of Houston, Texas, makes an accessible and better appliance service provider you can run to whenever problems arise. We understand how important appliances are in your daily life. So rest assured we want to get you back on track, enabling you to perform your daily tasks easily.
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We repair different types of appliances, including:
Vent hood
Ice makers
Wine cooler
Garbage disposal

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built around our esteemed customers who come with different needs. Excellent customer services are our top priority—we ensure to repair your appliance on the same day while ensuring that we meet your needs. Our trained professionals will come to you once you reach out to us regarding your appliance’s problem, saving you the trouble and transport costs.

Why Choose Us


Excellent customer services

Our core principle is offering an unmatched appliance repair service. Our highly trained operators understand what customers from different areas in Houston, Texas, need. From the time you call us, we move in quickly to respond to your queries and come to you to repair your appliance on the same day.



Houston Appliance Repair Company is your best bet for repairing different types of appliances. We have been in the industry for a long time, so we have the experience to conduct effective appliance repairs. Rest assured your repaired appliance will serve your various needs for a long time before thinking about seeking repair services again.



Over the years, we’ve built an immense reputation as the best appliance repair company in the entire area of Houston, Texas. This has enabled us to build trust and loyalty among our customers, making us the most reputable appliance service provider in Houston, Texas.


Team of highly trained professionals

While our customers are a core aspect of our appliance repair company, we have a team of experienced professionals with unmatched knowledge and expertise in different types of appliance repair. Besides, our teams of professionals are familiar with the latest technologies that match the modern appliance repair practices. You’ll have peace of mind letting skilled professionals repair your appliance.


Competitive prices

We understand that many people are still struggling with the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic. So we set customer-friendly prices for all our appliances’ repairs. Depending on your budget, you can get your appliance fixed, enabling you to avoid spending a lot of money to purchase a new appliance.


Professional equipment and tools

We put immense seriousness into any appliance repair. It starts with using the latest professional equipment and tools that guarantee 100% success and customer satisfaction.
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